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Automatic Heating Oil Delivery PRO + CON

The oil company schedules delivery automatically to top off the homeowner’s oil tank. The oil company likes this since they are assured a solid on-going customer. Oil delivery companies base these deliveries on what they call degree days.…

4 Ideas For Keeping Your Home Safe On A Budget

So maybe you haven't gotten around to installing a home security system, yet mostly because of the price. Of course, home security systems featured here on NK Home Security are certainly worth the investment, but there are other,…

5 Stop & 5 Go Questions

Becoming a Rockstar is 95% mindset and 5% patterns of behavior, focus, and discipline. You have to daily work at becoming resilient, optimistic, courageous, cool, star. Changing your mindset occurs when…

The Dead Sea and Tzippori

Interested in Hellenistic art and architecture? How about Roman, Babylonian, and Byzantine buildings and structures? Do you like Assyrian, Arabic, and Ottoman craftsmanship? For many scholars and students of history, these are…
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