Unforeseen Things Happen


Below is a real-life incident of someone with the message to prepare for everything as you don’t know what lays ahead when you initiate the move.

Have you heard of Murphy’s Law?  “What can go wrong, will go wrong.”   Well, things happen when you move.  Most are usually just small annoying things that you can handle.  But once in a great while major things do go wrong no matter how much you prepare to make your move smoother. If you live in UAE you can hire some professional movers and packers in Dubai to help you with everything related to packing and moving.

Most of our moves have been ok with just minor things happening or small mishaps with our cars during transport.  We did have one move that was very challenging to say the least and what I call a complete nightmare.

We were living in Upstate New York and of course the move had to happen in the dead of winter.  Four months before our pack out date, we found out our mastiff had lymphoma.  We were devastated.  This meant we could not take him with us, because we were moving to Guam and he could not pass a health exam to enter Guam.  We had to leave him with family.  It was the hardest thing we ever had to do.  That was just the start of our nightmare.  I managed to get my tourist passport in plenty of time, but it was last minute and not without many phone calls did I get my 5 year military passport. 

That was a headache for sure.  I was also recovering from a my shoulder being dislocated for 2 weeks.  I kid you not.  If that was not bad enough, our heater goes out and the kid comes and works on it and tells us it is safe to run the heater until he got a new part.  My husband wasn’t sure about that.  He used to be a boiler tech and didn’t trust him, but it was so cold we ran the heater. 

Our mastiff woke us up in the middle of the night.  If he hadn’t woke us up we would have died from carbon monoxide poisoning.  I sure miss that dog.  We had to go a week without heat till we could get a new heater.  This was about 5 weeks before we moved.  Then two weeks before our pack out day we got a huge snow storm that dumped three feet of snow.  Our landlord was working overtime to get the snow off the roof, but as you know heat rises and it would melt the snow and then it would freeze under the shingles.  

The roof was only four years old, but the guy who replaced it did a really bad job.  Well the roof sprung a leak, then another and another and so on.  The ceiling in the spare bath fell in, then the ceiling in our bath was next to collapsing.  We had leaks in almost every room.  I used every trash can, pots, pans, bowels and whatever else I could find to put under a leak.  Our land lord offered to put us up in a hotel, but we had two dogs and we didn’t want our stuff to get ruined so we stayed. 

My computer got wet and well, I ended up having to get a new computer.  It was a very long two weeks.  Then the night before the movers came we got another foot of snow.  I was out at 6am shoveling the drive and clearing the sidewalk and deck before they got there.  Two days later we were pack up and our stuff was on it’s way.  Once we got to Guam it was really smooth sailing, because all our stuff was already there except our van.  But getting to that point was just one thing after another happening that we never would have guessed would have happened and never happened before that.  So, you see, unforeseen things do happen that you cannot control. 

Most moves really are not bad at all when you are prepared.  So hope for the best and prepare for the worst and I hope you have a smooth move.

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