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The Dead Sea and Tzippori


Interested in Hellenistic art and architecture? How about Roman, Babylonian, and Byzantine buildings and structures? Do you like Assyrian, Arabic, and Ottoman craftsmanship? For many scholars and students of history, these are some of the go-to branches of ancient art and development throughout the world. It’s unfortunate that you’d have to travel all across Europe and Asia to see examples of them together and outside of a museum. You’d have to purchase a boatload of European airline tickets for that kind of tour. Unless, of course, you pay a visit to Tzipporo, an ancient Roman town now protected as a national park in Israel. And today, flights to Israel are cheap and comfortable.

Tzippori sits just northwest of Nazareth (yes, that Nazareth) in the central Galilee area. Its founding dates back to at least the seventh century BCE, and the surrounding park area includes a tower from the time of the crusades. Resting atop a hill, the tower includes a sarcophagus and was at one time used as a school. The most impressive feature of the whole town, though, is the central Roman villa, wherein one can find one of the most spectacular mosaics in all of Israel. The image constructed from the tiles primarily concerns Dionysus, god of wine, and would once have been considered by lounging Romans during times of leisure.

A Tourist Destination

It couldn’t be an easier or more fulfilling trip to take. Simply grab some cheap tickets to Israel and get yourself over there. Your trip to the Middle East can be a little more relaxing. How would you like to combat stress, eliminate water retention, slow the aging of your skin, and relax all at the same time with no known side effects? Sounds too good to be true right? But a hop, skip, jump, and a cheap flight to Israel is all you need to make this fantasy a reality.

The Dead Sea has long been a tourist destination for those enamored with the visual of people floating effortlessly in the incredibly salty water. It’s also been a huge destination for those seeking natural or holistic remedies to their health ailments as well. Bathing in the Dead Sea can help arthritis, rheumatism, psoriasis, and even respiratory problems! What makes the salt and mud of the Dead Sea so beneficial? Well, it’s an overabundance of nutrients for a start!

The magnesium in the water helps you naturally battle stress, water retention, and slowing skin aging. Potassium helps balance skin moisture and is a necessary component to add to your diet after heavy exercise. The high abundance of sodium found here is a great source of lymphatic fluid balance which in turn helps your immune system health. It’s not hard to see why people come here to relax and to feel better. Just book your cheap flight to Israel today and get soaking!

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