Morning workouts 4 tips to help you get up in the mornings


Getting up and out for morning workouts can be challenging for anyone. Finding the motivation to get out of a warm bed when the alarm goes off is also tough. However, help is on hand. Read on for 4 tips that may give you a little bit of help making those morning workouts easier.

Tip #1: Place your alarm out of reach

This is single-handedly the most valuable trick in the book to make sure you get to your morning workouts. If you sleep with your alarm within arms reach you’ll probably just roll over and hit snooze. Once you snooze once that’s game over!

Try placing your alarm in a place that means you have to walk to it to turn it off. I leave mine just outside of my bedroom door. However, a table, dressing cabinet or chair in the opposite corner of the room will also do the trick. Just make sure it’s far enough away that you have to stand up and walk a few feet to get to it!

Tip #2: Plan your workout in advance

There’s nothing worse than waking up and not knowing what it is you’re doing. It gives you an easy excuse to put your morning workouts off for another day. In addition, even if you do make it to the gym, going in without a plan will likely leave you having a mediocre workout.

Instead, make sure you have a clear idea of what your morning workouts will consist of at least the night before. That way you have something to get up for. You also get to the gym knowing what to expect and have something to focus on. Planning goes a long way!

Tip #3 Prep the night before morning workouts

Similar to the above point, prepping your day the night before makes the next morning much easier. Most people prepare their food for the next day the night before, however, this goes beyond food. Make sure that you have your food, clothes and any work items that you’ll need ready to go in the morning.

The less time you spend pottering around your house the better. The idea is to get up and go, once you’re out the house you won’t go back. Therefore, reducing tasks that you need to do in the morning will give you more chance of making it to your morning workouts.

Tip #4 Leave your breakfast in work

You may be wondering how this one works. Well, the chances are, if you’re training early you won’t have time for breakfast. However, if you do eat before your morning workouts it runs the risk of you not leaving on time and missing your morning workouts.

Instead, take breakfast foods out of your house and leave them in work to eat after training in work. This may be oats so you only have to take protein powder or eggs (cooked the night before) in with you each morning. By not having breakfast foods at home you can’t hang around when you should be blasting though your morning workouts. On Friday take home enough food to have breakfast over the weekend.

There you have it, 4 quick tips that may help you get to your morning workouts more often.

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