How to Use Pinterest to Plan a Family Vacation


Spring Break is coming! Yeah! Creating a Pinterest Board to plan a vacation can help you discover information about your vacation destination that you may not have found in a typical Google Search.

To plan your vacation on Pinterest, type the name of your vacation destination into the Search box on the upper left hand side where it says “What are you into?”.  Several “pins” will appear on your Pinterest homepage which were created by other Pinterest users who created boards around the same topic or location.  With Pinterest you can discover insider tips from the locals who live in the vacation destination, including fun local restaurants, local activities and events.

For instance, we are planning a family trip to Asheville, North Carolina. On Pinterest, if  I type “Asheville”  in the search box, all sorts of great ideas (pins) will appear, like, Where to eat in Asheville, Hikes in Asheville, 15 Ways to Experience Asheville and lots more. There are lots of choices to save and share information found on Pinterest. I can click on the pins which interest me, choose to add the pins to my Asheville vacation board, follow a relevant board, click-through to the website linked to the Pin or I can send the board to a friend. My husband can also follow the Asheville board, create his own Pinterest Board and pin information he finds for our vacation plans & I can follow his “vacation” board. Another helpful Pinterest tool is the “Pin It ” button which can be placed on a Browser Tool Bar. When Googling information for a vacation, the PinIt button allows you to pin a website to a board.

Give Pinterest a try to plan your vacations.

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