Colorful Striped Scarf

Colorful Striped Scarf

Scarves have gotten lots of update lately. They aren’t anymore just restricted to a plain black or a pop of blue. Now, there are plenty of different patterns, styles and designs on our traditional scarves. One fun method to accessorize is to use a striped scarf. Anything stripes is really somehow considered basic and something that anyone could wear all the time and anytime.

The easiest way to go is to wear a colorful striped scarf. When you look at them, you can see that there are many things that you can do with them. There are also plenty of variations regarding the look of the striped scarf. Wearing one may make you seem funky and youthful. You can also experiment with how you will mix and match the designs there is with the rest of your outfit.

A striped scarf is likewise associated with the whole nautical or sailor look. That blue and white stripe that you often see is but one example of this kind of trend. Wearing a scarf like that really can gear you towards that genre of dressing up. You could have fun with it when you want a thematic look. All you’ve got to do is match it with other nautical pieces like those suspenders or those cute sailor hats. Whatever resembles this trend can already suit your striped scarf.

Another thing is the infinity scarf. This sort of scarf is unlike any regular scarf when it comes to it having no ends. This really is basically very good news to those who definitely are often in a rush to get dressed and go. Using a regular scarf that you have to tie as well as concern yourself with what to do with the excess ends may add to the stress and hassle of dressing up in the morning. The fantastic thing about this is also the reality that it can stay put right from the moment you put it on until nearly the moment you take it off. This is so unlike a regular scarf which you have to regularly fix because it tends to move a lot particularly when you also are in motion more often than not. So for all those women who are usually on the go, an infinity scarf is certainly for them.

In case you are thinking about how to wear an infinity scarf, all you need to do is search online regarding this matter. But really, it’s very simple that all you should do is put it on you. You adjust it depending on your decision and you can basically let it hang loose around your neck or tie it twice to keep it strongly close to you. This latter way of wearing it is most applicable during the cold seasons as looping it several times can absolutely keep you warm. On the flip side, letting it hang loose is a cool and urban way of using it. In your most casual attire, you may wear this with a slouchy beanie for a more rugged look.

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