Automatic Heating Oil Delivery PRO + CON


The oil company schedules delivery automatically to top off the homeowner’s oil tank. The oil company likes this since they are assured a solid on-going customer. Oil delivery companies base these deliveries on what they call degree days. Their computers calculate your usage and anticipate when you’ll need a fill-up. This allows them to better schedule their time. This is not an exact science, and unless the oil company is on top of it, they can cause you to run out of fuel.

PRO: If the oil is delivered timely, you get a new replacement of oil shown to your tank. Oil will go bad over time, and warm fresh oil is better than old cold oil.

CON: If the company isn’t organized and detailed, they could miss your fill-up, and you could run out of fuel. If you do, it’ll usually be on the coldest day of the season, and since you’re behind, chances are you’re not the only one. If that’s the case, plan on being cold until they show or read heating oil secrets and tips to find a quick and easy way to restart your heating system and make it run until the oil company finally can make it to your house.

Full-Service Heating Oil PRO + CON

These guys don’t just deliver fuel. They have a full-time staff of well-trained staff who call 24-7 to service their customer’s needs. If something goes wrong with your system, the good ones are at your home in 2 hours or less.

PROYou’re dealing with a professionally run, service-oriented company that has your best interest at heart. They focus on service, and the good ones will move heaven and earth for you. More progressive companies use an additive in their fuel that helps your system run more efficiently and reduces the chance of system failure. I’ve seen failures, and problem calls reduced by 30% and more by using these additives.

CON: The service and the quality of fuel that you’re getting from a full-service company increase their costs, and to make money, they need to bill you more money. The old cliché, you get what you pay for in most cases, rings true. This doesn’t mean COD companies are bad, just different.

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