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5 Stop & 5 Go Questions


Becoming a Rockstar is 95% mindset and 5% patterns of behavior, focus, and discipline. You have to daily work at becoming resilient, optimistic, courageous, cool, star. Changing your mindset occurs when you stop asking disempowering questions and go for ones to empower you.

Brief Science Lesson: Brain & Mind 

The brain and the mind are different yet work together. Scientists seem to draw varied conclusions on how much one affects the other. The best way I can explain it is that the brain is the tangible, physical, touchable part (biological) and the mind is intangible energy where ideas, thoughts, reasoning questioning processes take place (psychological). It is believed by some scientists that your mindset can be retrained to receive and process better messages. You have the power to control the types of questions that consciously or unconsciously flow through it each day.

Create an Affirmation

I’ve compiled a list of disempowering and empowering questions. After reading them choose one area in your life you need to stop asking disempowering questions (finances, relationships, spiritual, physical, etc.) and create 1 empowering question then share it in the comments. Put it in your planner or on a 3 X 5 card to read at least 1-3 times a day. Or just take some time to sit and craft your own.

 Stop Asking Disempowering Questions

1. What’s wrong with me?

2. Why do you make me feel like this?

3. Why am I a loser?

4. Why is God punishing me?

5. Why is life so hard?

Go – Questions That Empower 

1. How can I best use my skills, talents, and gifts to serve others?

2.  What are my values? my top 10? my top 5? my top 3? my most important value?

3. What am I thankful for?

4. What type of friends do I want?

5. What habits and behaviors do I need to master? or stop doing?

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